About Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai province located 700 km (435 miles) North of Bangkok is the largest and most culturally significant city among the Northern provinces in Thailand, yet has a population around 200,000. It is easy to see that even Thai people love to visit Chiang Mai for a holiday because it is not too crowded and has nice weather, especially in the winter from November to January.

Today, it is a place where past and the present seamlessly merge with modern buildings standing side by side with venerable temples. Chiang Mai is currently becoming more and more popular amidst the international travelers due to their word spreads of this magnificent tourist location. Both backpackers and luxury tourists can enjoy the ultimate Thailand holiday.

City Orientation & Chiang Mai Life Tour

Time Schedule:                08:30-12:00 hrs.  or  13:30-17:00 hrs.
Rate per person:              Baht    1,500.- per person  ( min 2 persons )

Tour Description:

A drive through Chiang Mai Town gives the impression of the layout & unique atmosphere of this northern city. Visits will be made to some well- known temples;  Wat Phra Sing, where located one of the best examples of Lanna style architecture,  Viharn Lai Kham, house a very highly revered Buddha image named Phra Singh Buddha.  Wat Chedi  Luang , home to Chiang Mai’s largest Buddhist Chedi built featuring 98 meters tall and 54 meters in diameter.  Continue to Samkampaeng village where is famous for its handicrafts ;  silk weaving,  paper umbrellas and  high fired hand-made Thai  Celadon.

Dress Code:   Comfortable casual outfit and good walking shoes.
( shorts & sleeveless are not allowed in the temple )

High Light On Top Temple, Doi Suthep

Time Schedule:                08:30-12:00 hrs.   or   13:30-17:00  hrs.
Rate per person:              Baht 1,500.- per person  ( min 2 persons )

Tour Description:

A visit to Wat Phra Tat Doi Suthep on top of the hill (3,500ft.)  – enjoy a panoramic view of the city and visit Wat Prathad Doi Suthep, the most sacred temple in Northern Thailand. Built in A.D. 1384, it features a flight of more than 300 steps flanked by an enormous mythological Nagas, and it houses a holy relic of Lord Buddha .

Dress Code:  Comfortable casual outfit and good walking s hoes
( shorts & sleeveless are not allowed in the temple )

Cleaver Elephants

Time Schedule:                08:30-12:00 hrs.  or   12:30-16:00  hrs.
Rate per person:              Baht  1,500.- per person   ( min 2 persons )

Tour Description: 

An excursion to a jungle area north of the city to see Elephants at Work in their natural surroundings, observe the elephants take their morning bath in the stream before beginning to haul timber in the forest. Be amazed by their strength and clever teamwork. You will also see the elephant’s painstaking skill as a painter.
( You may take a chance for an Elephant riding after the show which is an optional )

Dress Code:  Comfortable casual outfit and good walk

Elephant Care  ( No Riding )

Time Schedule:                06:30-13:30 hrs.  or   11:30-18:30  hrs.
Rate per person:              Baht  2,500.- per person  ( min 2 persons )

Tour Description: 

You will be taking part of a visit to the sanctuary witness with the stunning views of the surrounding jungle and Mountain – All while interacting personally with friendly, happy free-roaming elephants in a safe and sustainable environment, the activity includes health inspection, feeding, walking with the elephants for exercise and also to the water for bathing and mud spa. Get muddy with the elephants as you apply a healthy cosmetic mud treatment to their skin. Light snack & fresh fruits to be served before leaving the sanctuary.

Dress Code:  Comfortable outfit, Sunscreen cream, Insect Repellent, Swimming suite, Towel, Walking Shoes & Change of Clothes


Contact person: Piyawan Thongbai
Email: piyawan@seatoursthai.com