Mr. Benjamin Nyangé

Mr. Benjamin Nyangé


  • Versatile professional skills and growth-oriented experience in digital project management including software design, information system implementation and data management.
  • Proficient experience in health information systems with proven hand-on expertise in electronic data collection, analysis and dissemination of data for decision making.
  • Proven experience working with government agencies, high-learning and research institutions, international NGOs and UN mission on digital projects implementation.

EMR Senior Analyst and Developer (consultant) 10/2018 – 03/2019
Key Responsibilities:

  • Upgraded the existing EMR to a centered design and Link with Rwanda mHealth and ehealth Community Systems to track continuum of care for mothers’ newborns and children (MNCH) to health facilities with their catchment.
  • Developed MNCH and nutrition modules and make them interfacing with other EMR existing modules.
  • Supported Rwanda Ministry of Heath team and stakeholders to enhance functionality, test and pilot new developed MNCH/nutrition software modules in the best and most efficient way.

Senior Data Manager 09/2017 – 10/2018
Institute of Tropical Medicine (ITM), Antwerp Belgium
Key Responsibilities:

  • Coordinated development and optimisation of digital tools for sleeping sickness projects including mobile apps, systems design, database development and dashboard construction.
  • Improved data management capacity of sleeping sickness project and strengthen partners and DRC ministry of health team to enhance and get use of data through consolidation, cleansing and optimisation.

Senior Software Programmer 06/2017 –12/2017
Interactive & Research Development (IRD) Republic of South Africa
Key Responsibilities:

  • Implemented OpenMRS platform for management of electronic medical records (EMR), setting servers, integrate modules and customise data collection and reporting for IRD TB projects in South Africa including system architecture design, code book development and software coding.
  • Development of mobile applications for enhancing data for Child and maternal care TB , TB screening in mining sector, and TIMs projects , including systems design and software programming

Information Analyst Officer 01/2016 –08/2017
Greater Virunga Transboundary Collaboration (GVTC) Rwanda

Key Responsibilities:

  • Designed and established an information centre of Excellence for improving data management and information sharing for transboundary natural resources conservation in the Greater Virunga Landscape Region.
  • Collected and summarized information, conducted data analysis to produce conservation status reports highlighting trend, treats and overall management progress of wildlife protection in the GVL region.
  • Coordinated development of protocols for information and data sharing between stakeholders and conservation partners of Rwanda, Congo DRC and Uganda

Project Officer & Mobile Technology Expert 02/2015 –12/2015
Key Responsibilities:

  • Implemented digital solutions for PBF (Performance Based Financing) projects in Congo DRC to support public health and education programs including mobile applications for data collection and OpenRBF and DHIS2 deployment.
  • Organized technology deployment activities with local partners and Bluesquare technical team in project Management, technology solutions rollout, users’ specifications collection and technology transfer.

Software Developer (consultant) 02/2014–12/2014
Saint-Luc Clinics, Catholic University of Louvain Belgium
Key Responsibilities:

  • Developed software and mobile apps that improve transmission of TB data and monitor performance of Genexpert machines for TB and MDR-TB diagnosis and information transmission to decision makers.
  • Created a web based database to enhance TB data and patient monitoring at national level with built in dashboards for data visualisation , analysis and report generation that can easily rolled out to several countries.

Senior IT Expert 01/2012 –12/2013
Ministry of Health, National Tuberculosis Program (NTP) Democratic Republic of Congo
Key Responsibilities:

  • Implemented national data warehouse for repository and centralisation of TB data and develop digital solutions for improving data collection and monitoring of cases reported by health facilities and community surveys.
  • Provided support to managers of the NTP in enhancing usage of technology resource and data quality optimisation including data cleaning, technology deployment to provinces and end user capacity transfer.
  • Developed training materials and document for software and data management.

Focal point Data Manager 01/2010–12/2012
Ministry of Health – South Kivu Provincial Health Division Democratic Republic of Congo
Key Responsibilities:

  • Provided support to optimise data management, reporting and analysis for Epidemiology Unit, Vaccination Program (PEV), Malaria Program (PNLP), TB , WASH and Mental health program.
  • Managed Village Assaini program of UNICEF WASH through reviews of sanitation progress of health zones, data cleaning and support to field staff in improving data quality, updating status of the sanitation of villages to national team and provincial coordinators.
  • Developed database and support technology implementation for TBREACH program in south kivu.



  • Master’s degree in information systems management
    Walden University , Minnesota, USA 2017- 2019
  • Graduate degree (Master’s equiv.) in Information Systems Management
    University Catholic of Bukavu (UCB) , Democratic Republic of Congo 2011- 2012
  • Undergraduate Degree (Bac +3) in Computer Science
    University Catholic of Bukavu (UCB), Democratic Republic of Congo 2007 - 2010
  • High School degree , Mathematics and Physics
    Alfajiri Catholic Jesuit ‘s High School, Democratic Republic of Congo 1999- 2005


Language Read Spoken Written
English Fluent Advanced Advanced
French Fluent Fluent Fluent
Kiswahili Fluent Fluent Fluent