Prof. Ann Cullinane

Dr Ann  Cullinane



1982      M.V.B. (Honours) University College Dublin, Faculty Veterinary Medicine

1987     Ph.D. University of Glasgow


Employment Experience

1987-present      Head of Virology Unit, Irish Equine Centre, Johnstown, Naas, Ireland

1986 – 1987       Visiting Scientist at Applied Biotechnology, Cambridge, Massachusetts, USA.

1985 – 1986       Research Associate at the Department of Clinical Veterinary Medicine, Cambridge University, U.K. (Funded by the British Horserace Betting Levy Board).

1982 – 1985       Ph.D project at the Medical Research Council Institute of Virology, Glasgow University. (Financed by the British Horserace Betting Levy Board)


Key Achievements

2007- Appointed Adjunct Professor University of Limerick           

2009 - Designated OIE expert for Equine Influenza

2011 - Chairperson of the OIE Expert Surveillance Panel for Equine Influenza

2015 – Designated OIE expert for Equine Rhinopneumonitis

2017- Appointed Adjunct Professor University College Dublin

2018 - Appointed to OIE Biological Standard Commission

Published over 70 papers in peer reviewed journals.


Laboratory Experience with Biological Standards

Management of laboratories dedicated to serology, tissue culture, virus isolation, molecular diagnostics and sequencing including OIE reference laboratories (1987-present)

Study director/principal investigator for vaccine GLP safety and GCP efficacy studies (1996-present)

Test validation for bovine and equine diagnostic assays to ISO17025 (2009-present)

In vitro and in vivo evaluation of genetically modified viruses as candidate vaccines (2005-2009)

Test validation for on- site molecular assays at International Equestrian Events (2016)

Preparation of reference standards for PCR and serology by experimental challenge of ponies (2016)

Validation of an RT-PCR test to OIE standard (2015-2017)